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I couldn't resist. The above headline was the default placed here as I set up this blog and I had to drop in the bear photo as the illustration. It may be my best angle.

In truth, it's a photo from my 2017 trip hiking in Denali, Alaska. Setting aside family trips, it probably ranks #1 on my list. This big guy didn’t have a care in the world, just taking his time, padding down the middle of the road.


He eventually turned off into the brush, searching for something to eat. As long as it wasn't me I was just fine with that.

As I write this it's February, 2021. I’m looking out on the horizon and see retirement coming my way in June. I'd tell you what this blog will be about but I have yet to experience life after having worked for the same institution for 35 years, so we'll be discovering that together.

I do know a couple of things. I’ve always believed in focusing on the positive and having fun in this ride we call life. I never want to say, “I wish I had.” Too many dwell on the negative and never seem to be happy. Too many allow themselves to pass on opportunities to do things they want to do and end up saying, “I wish I had.”

That philosophy became even more pronounced when my wife died of cancer while our daughter was still in high school. We never know when that clock will toll for us, so we might as well have fun along the way.

I guess that’s what this blog is about, a life in retirement, a life just wanting to have fun, a life that doesn’t want to say, “I wish I had.”

Bear walking in Denali, Alaska
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